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I had the pleasure of working with Ana Lucia for over two years - leading a 2k+ person organization through a major transformation.  Her deeply insightful coaching approach stems from her ability to directly understand what leaders are going through (having been in leadership roles herself), to match the specific coaching need with powerful techniques and practical exercises, and to keep the direction and trajectory of change in mind.  I've seen her move mountains while coaching senior executives, entire leadership teams, and direct line managers.  If I ever need coaching for myself or any of my teams in the future, she will always be my first call.

Aliza Apple
COO & Head Lilly Gateway Labs San Francisco

Ana makes it happen! In just 3 months, I made more progress in my career and life transition than in the past year. Ana took a very insightful read of my skills and motivations and helped me break the “issues” into small pieces and build the path forward. She helped me add the structure I needed to design an actionable and at the same time smooth plan transition- and see the results.

Paula Quelhas
CEO, LivingIn Investment Solutions

I've been building internal transformation teams for a really long time. I've never experienced anything like the community that Ana Lucia led. I talked with almost all the coaches who passed through that team and just about everyone said “I’ve never experienced anything like this in my professional life”. Ana Lucia gets the human and systems side. She leads with bravery and integrates the mind, the soul, the body and the heart. People felt welcome, connected and cared for while they were doing the hard work of bringing change to life. Ana Lucia was one of the pioneers who took that first step, and she attracted that next set of dancers to come in and start dancing with us. They really started a powerful movement.

Len Lageste
Enterprise Agile Coach

What makes Ana Lucia unique as a coach is the depth of personal experience she draws from to guide others through their journey. Transformational change is complicated and wrought with interpersonal dynamics and discussions of power... having a thoughtful partner like Ana Lucia to guide a leader through this is crucial.

Ajay Kshatriya
Science CEO and Entrepreneur

Ana’s approach to leadership draws on art to infuse fresh perspectives into corporate culture. Ana’s talk imprinted the idea of a liberated leader that senses and responds freely to not just our current business needs but those that we anticipate.  We were inspired and I plan on working with Ana again!

Cesar Sanchez
Director, University of California, San Francisco

Ana Lucia brings new ideas that help organizations achieve their goals. She is realistic about her asks, while at the same time raising the bar for you to think and do differently. Across any initiative she creates and leads, her curiosity and dedication create a forceful momentum towards success. 

Jay Ramakrishna
Global Head of Industry, Adobe

I was lucky enough to have Ana Lucia as a personal coach and mentor for me in 2020. Ana Lucia made me a stronger leader and person by teaching me how to better understand myself and how to manage through personal and professional challenges. She has liberated me so that I can better fulfill my potential at work and in life.

Ted Henderson
Vice President, Genentech

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