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Many of us find it hard to justify what we do as worthy of being called a "leader" or a "change-maker." But how can you inspire confidence in others if you can't embody confidence in yourself? How can a dancer perform convincingly if they second-guess their choreography?

A lot of the work I do is to help change-makers like you realise the ways in which you already are change-makers! And spot the places where you can grow into so that you lead with your whole self.

You're already changemaker if:


I am somebody who:

  • values collective success more than my own

  • values results over recognition

  • has a deep sense of purpose

  • is energized when someone has an “aha” moment

  • sees vulnerability as a strength


I am somebody who:

  • discusses the hard things

  • challenges the status quo with possibility (“What if we…?”, “How might we…?”)

  • appreciates and respects what’s already working

  • opens themselves up to being wrong


I am somebody who...

  • sees how things could be better

  • often feels restless 

  • will be the first to take the leap into the unknown

  • starts things, gets them to a good place, and then moves on to the next adventure

  • connects the dots

  • creates community to include people

  • is always learning something new

So, are you ready to lead lasting change?

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