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The Lioness and the Cat

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

My mother turned 70 years old this week. I wanted to give her something more meaningful, that spoke to what I see in her, so I wrote her this fable. My mother is a powerful, fierce woman. Seeing her tear up as she read, I felt relief and joy. Life can pass by so fast, but in that moment, time stopped- thanks to the lioness and the cat.

The Lioness and the Cat (translated from Portuguese)

From the top of a tree

jumps a lioness,

attacking a rat.

She realizes it's a cat,

a more subtle, affectionate and diminutive

version of herself.

The lioness rises

and paws the little feline,


"Come", she says, "come see

the rest of the savanna.

Cats like us are needed

in this unusual, modern world

capable of ripping people's souls out.

Let's hunt sadness and hatred down,

let's bring rebellion, courage and tenderness

to those who deserve it,

and to those who don't know yet that they want it"

(For the Portuguese speaking among you, here's is the original version)

Do alto d'uma arvore

Salta uma leoa

Atacando um rato

Apercebe-se que e' um gato,

uma versão mais subtil, carinhosa e diminuta

de si própria

Levanta-se a leoa

e da' uma patada,

encorajando o pequeno felino

"Vem", diz-lhe, "vem ver

o resto da savana.

Gatos como nós

fazem falta neste mundo

insólito, moderno e

capaz de arrancar a alma das pessoas.

Vamos caçar tristezas e ódios,

vamos trazer rebeldia, coragem e ternura

A quem merece, e a quem

ainda não sabe que assim quer"

Image by Birger Strahl

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