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Dance Your Way
Through Change.

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If you're here, then you're a changemaker. And that means you care about not only the change you create right now, but also the ripple effect of change you create in a month, a year, or a generation from now - and that doesn't happen by accident. 

I’ve worked in both business and dance. To me, change goes beyond what you can measure. True leaders don’t see change intellectually; they feel it. It’s more than metrics, analyses, and strategy. It lives in people. In our bodies. And making that kind of change requires developing your mind-body connection.
Are you ready to choreograph your change?

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to Life.

Leading change is hard. When you care about something so much, it hurts when things don’t go as planned. So, when things get stuck, you push harder; when the message gets lost, you speak louder; and when progress is slow, you try speeding things up.

But harder, louder, and faster are not sustainable. They’re tiring and frustrating - for you, and the people you’re trying to lead. You need something else.

Leading change that lasts is about finding a rhythm, choreographing a community of people, building your stage presence to inspire action, and not looking so closely at the steps that you forget how to dance. 

Transformation isn’t just something you drive.

It's something you bring to life.

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The best leaders know how to follow.

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Hi, I’m Ana Lucia. I’ve worked with the government, non-profit organizations, fast growing Silicon Valley companies, and Fortune 500's. I have a Stanford MBA and a coaching certification. But nothing has taught me more about bringing change to life than being a flamenco dancer.

In flamenco, a live performance is normally made up of a guitarist, a singer, and a dancer. Even though each person is showcasing their skill, they need to switch between taking the lead and following. Otherwise, if they all lead at the same time, the greater whole falls apart - instead of  beauty, there’s cacophony; the audience is confused instead of delighted.

What makes leadership so powerful is being in tune with your compañeros (or your partners). It’s about being aware of what’s happening around you, and opening yourself up to being led to places you wouldn’t normally go. Leaders know how to lead, but the truly powerful ones know when (and how) to follow.

If you want the full story of my experience with this, you can watch me talking about it in the video alongside:

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Executive Coaching

“I need to lead a big change in my organization.”

Personalized development and support for changemakers who are leading or preparing to lead transformational change. Human-centered, and integrated.

Ideal for: Individual changemakers,

c-level executives, entrepreneurs

Change Advisory

“Our change is stuck, losing momentum.”

Expert help for individuals and teams who are leading change. Diagnose where it’s stuck, choreograph new approaches, and get back in the groove.

Ideal for: Leadership teams, organizational development, project managers

Teaching & Speaking

“We need a different perspective!”

Interactive talks to spark new energy and insights on leading change with the body and mind. Deep-dive in intimate retreats, or see what’s possible in larger events.

Ideal for: Corporate and team events, executive leadership programs, conferences, schools and universities


And this is how we'll get there

Leading change is a lot like dancing: It combines rhythm, technique, choreography, presence, improvisation, and partnership to inspire others to step into the unknown with you

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The rate of change matters. Rhythm is like a relationship’s compass: It involves trust, connection, synchronicity, and being in step with one another in a form of common language. Like any dance, you need to combine ‘quick’ with ‘slow’, and you need to time it well.


Leading lasting change requires mastery, and demands integrity. Technique is about balancing art with disciplined rigor. You have to put in the practice. It takes work, but the rewards compound in impact.


Where do you create tension? How are you crafting a sense of belonging? This is the scaffolding for your change. Design with intention, and then dance with the people you want to impact. Expand your vocabulary of movement, see the world in new ways, and overcome beliefs that no longer serve you.


We've all experienced change initiatives that feel lifeless. Impactful change is rooted in presence, authenticity and energy. It exudes a sense of power. This is where you become a role model, and generate mindset shifts in the people you engage. Lead in a way that energizes, moves, and sustains meaning throughout the journey.


Intuition enables improvisation. It’s when you surrender to your body’s innate wisdom about right action at the right moment. You let go of the plan, you switch from leading to following, you sense, and you respond. Your body is an extension of your mind. It is full of data. Science demonstrates that. Listen to your body, learn to decode intuitive guidance, and make better decisions, unlock creativity, and be more agile.


This is the flamenco experience of rapture, of flow; where dancers lose their sense of self, and become one with the rhythm, the music, the audience. It’s a one-ness. Everything feels right, effortless, natural. It’s not something you can articulate, or measure, or strive for; it’s something you sense, you feel, and you know in your body. You are a vessel for the change that needs to happen, even if you don't understand it right away. Let the duende carry you where you need to go.

What other changemakers say

Since starting my work in 2000, I have helped my clients discover effective approaches in dealing with the challenges in their leadership and their lives. Read on to learn what clients have to say about their experience with my coaching approach, and contact me today to schedule your own session.

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I had the pleasure of working with Ana Lucia for over two years - leading a 2k+ person organization through a major transformation.  Her deeply insightful coaching approach stems from her ability to directly understand what leaders are going through (having been in leadership roles herself), to match the specific coaching need with powerful techniques and practical exercises, and to keep the direction and trajectory of change in mind.  I've seen her move mountains while coaching senior executives, entire leadership teams, and direct line managers.  If I ever need coaching for myself or any of my teams in the future, she will always be my first call.

Aliza Apple,
Senior Vice President, Santa Ana Bio

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